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Hello Ladies! Watch me beg for money!! :) lol

Hello ladies! 

..long time no talk!!  :)  

I know that this isn't a forum for eBay crap now... but, I am in some desperate need of cash (don't have enough for rent) and I am selling some of my really cute... REALLY SEXY Plus sized clothes.

Red Vinyl Pants  (size 20)
Black Vinyl Pants  (size 18)
Sexy "Contemporary Hippy" dress  (size 18/20)
Really HOT gold/black glittery camisole with gold bead fringe  (size 18/20)

Also... I will be putting up two black pvc/vinyl jackets this week (size 3x... but they fit more like 2x)!  
They are long... sexy... Matrix-esque... 
I call them my "Buffy" Jackets, because of their resemblance to the jackets on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  lol  

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