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Fat Activism

Lovliest Ladies:

We have recently hooked up with Celisa, a student at Goddard College in Virginia (Ah, the power of the internet!!!) and have the opportunity to get a lot of promotion for the website, and do something wonderful for Fat Activism.

She is doing an art project and has chosen to focus on beautiful fat people. Her basic idea is to have all different kinds of people take pictures of themselves holding up a sign that says 'I'm ______________ and beautiful.' Everyone will be able to form their own word to describe themselves.

Rusty and I thought to say Dynamite or Explosive something pertaining to the website.

In return for our pictures she has agreed to promote our website in her project. She is also thinking about extending her project to an online deal, and when and if that happens we will feature her project and the pictures on Dynamite Dames and link exchange and what not.

This will be wonderful for our website, giving us some really great content and it's a wonderful way to take the word 'fat' back!!

Let me know if you are interested, and I can send you a copy of her photo release.

Thank you so much! And I really hope to see a lot of you get involved!

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