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*sigh* When it is over... it is over, and you know that it is over. Don't hold on to a sinking ship

Alrighty... I don't want to be the "nay sayer" in the group here... but... I think that we should seriously all consider that these girls have abandoned ship (and I would not blame them).

First of all... has ANYONE heard from them lately??  Both of their journals haven't been posted in since April and June...  neither of them have been coming on the message board AT ALL lately... I've emailed them a few times in the last few months, and never got a response...  and, now when you try to email them, there is an error message about it being an invalid email address (yes sexi_neurotika... I got the same message as you). 

Secondly... the site was set to begin in May of this year (at least that was what they told us months ago)... but, then they seemed to struggle to find people who would "donate" their skills to the site to help them get started (ie: webdesign, webmaster... graphic artists...) ... yet, when my male counterpart offered to help them (for he is a self-taught graphic-designing Nerd-God), they had NO idea what they wanted... and did not know the basic needs for ordering a graphic to be made (ie: color pallet, color numbers from their site, resolution needs and sizes, fonts...etc).  And, that is just a bad bad sign.

I am not trying to be a total bitch here or anything... but, let's face the facts ladies... this was over before it began.
 Unfortunately Rusty and Lola do not know what they are doing here.  And, that is not to speak poorly of them either!  They are LOVELY ladies!  Smart... sexy... and fun!  But, when you decide that you want a website as a business, and you start taking applications, copies of IDs and legal disclaimers from Models... you should have your shit together better then they did. 
Honestly, in this case, Models are the LAST thing you look for... not the first.  You should have your site laid out and ready to go... with your main graphic(s), merchandising and basic advertising also ready to go. 

This is all very unfortunate... I know that a lot of passion and hopes went into the idea of Dynamite Dames (from all of us here on the message board... to Rusty and Lola pushing their hardest to make it happen)... But, sadly, in the world of making money on the internet, you need to have a game plan and the basic knowledge of what you are doing, what it is going to cost and how to make it happen. 

So... I salute you ladies!  You are all lovely and unique... and I wish every one of you the absolute best.  I encourage you to seek out other sites like this one (and, yes, they are out there... and no they aren't all "porn") and submit to their application processes.  Sites that already have a nice client base are especially appealing because you do get paid for the first set you complete to their guidelines. 

Luck Love and Lollipops to you all.

Juice Box... signing off!  (lol)

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