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Really Blowing Up The Beauty Boundaries

Dynamite Dames
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Dynamite Dames

We searched the net for a website that catered to the plus size female form. Something that we would be proud of. Classy, sexy, giving us a change to show our curves...

We came up with many sites who "claimed" to cater to diverse beauty but really didn't. So we decided to launch our own program filled with luscious bombshells of all different lifestyles.

Our models have complete creative control over their own image. They have the right to choose how they would like to be viewed, they also choose their level of involvement; be it only in front of the camera or behind the scenes promoting, editing, recruiting, doing artwork. Our Dames are more than just a pretty face and a hot bod.

Dynamite Dames is an adult monthly membership website geared to be up and running by Summer 2004

This community is dedicated to Dynamite Dames, the website for Plus Size Bombshells.

This is NOT a community for rating, or just a plus size community to talk the plus size lifestyle. This community is dedicated to the models and admirers of Dynamite Dames.

Please do not post your pictures or ask if you may join the site. If you are interested, the email address is listed above.

Do not lurk, when you join be you model, potential model or just observer..give us a shout. We want to get to know you too!

Models and anyone curious about being a model, please direct all questions you might have about applying, or how the business end of it works in an email. Posts of this nature will be removed with no answer to your post.

Any posts that are made with pictures without permission or any posts made not appropriate for the community will be deleted.

All we ask is that you treat each other with respect when posting or responding. We don't tolerate a whole lot, so just be on your best behavior. You don't want two strong and sexy plus size chicks mad at you...do you?

Thanks dolls!
Lola and Rusty
The Original Double D's
Co-moderators of Dynamite Dames community.